In Organisational Behaviour and Perfomance (VRQ)
In Organisational Behaviour and Perfomance (VRQ) Level 4 LCCI Certificate Penang, Malaysia, Bukit Mertajam Courses, Lessons, Classes | Institut Teknologi Butterworth Sdn Bhd
Brief Description

Enables learners to understand how changes in both the internal and external environment impact on an organisation and how different management practices can help shape its response to these changes. With this qulification students will be able to better understand how mativation, leadership and teamworking influence an organisation's performance.

Who is this for? Recognition & Exemptions from Professional Bodies Job benchmark
Helps students to become specialists in their area of learning or work. Learning at this level is appropriate fo students working or hoping to work in a technical and professional job, and/or manage and develop others ACCA:
  • Foundation Paper F1: Accountant in Business
ICAEW paper:
Business and Finance
  • Accounts Manager,
  • Senior Accounts Executive,
  • Assistant Accountant,
  • Audit Suppervisor
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